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Goulds Turkey Hunting

Mexico Goulds Turkeys

Complete your Royal or World slam with us! No 7-8 hour drive up goat trails and overhanging cliffs. Simply book your hunt with us and you will be picked up in Durango, Mexico. and transported to the most beautiful 65,000 acre ranch less than 2 hrs away.

Charter flights from Durango City will get you there in about 15 minutes on our private landing strip.

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The Season
Hunting dates begin Early April and run through late May.

Gould's Turkey:
These Turkeys are one of the 6 included in the World and Royal Slam. They can weigh as much as 25 lbs. We just recently mounted the new world record weighing 27 lbs, and sporting a 14 1/16" beard taken by Clyde Neeley in 2007. Their tail fan and saddle are white like the Merriam's turkey. Spur and beard length are generally smaller, but our ranch has MANY 11-12 inch beards! There is an estimated 3500 plus Turkeys at our 65,000 acre ranch.

The Hunt
Temperatures will be quite pleasant during the day (80,s) and upper 30,s to mid 40,s in the morning. The elevation is around 8000 feet You will be hunting 1 X 1 with your guide who will take you in the direction of the birds. They know where they roost. They have feeders set up to keep the turkeys in the area. High protein produces some 11" plus beards and larger spurs. There are many birds on the Lease with the potential of taking a record book bird. Our ranch holds 3/4 of the top 20 record book Goulds turkeys!

  • For 3 nights, with the right to 6 hunts and one turkey: $2,600 US dollars.
  • Each additional night has a cost of $200 US dollars.
  • 1st extra turkey: $750 US dollars. Additional turkeys go up in cost by $100 dollar increments.
  • Wounded turkeys and accidentally killed hens: $450 US dollars.
  • Hunters under 16 years of age: 75% of the corresponding package cost.
  • Those accompanying hunters, but not hunting: $700 US dollars for a 3 night stay.
  • Skinning of turkeys: $25 US dollars (partial cleaning and preparation for taking back frozen is done for free
  • Guns: Hunters can bring their own guns or can elect to simplify their trip by renting the ones we own, which are recent-model 12 gauge shotguns. Their rental is $25 US dollars per day for the automatic ones and Pumps are included in the package for no extra fee.

    A 50% down payment is required to secure a reservation. The balance must be paid no later than 60 days before the day of arrival. If it isn’t, reservations can be cancelled without a reimbursement.

  • First-class lodging
  • Delicious meals
  • Open bar with national and imported drinks
  • The shots necessary for the hunt
  • Blinds
  • Experienced guides
  • Round-trip ground transportation from the city of Durango (in groups of 4 or more persons) *
  • Transportation within the ranch
  • Skinning of turkeys. Partial cleaning and preparation for taking back frozen is done for free
  • Help in obtaining all licenses and permits
  • A souvenir hat with the El Durangueño logo
  • Other Activities

  • A javelina can now be hunted for only $350 U.S. Additional ones are $250 each.

  • The ranch now has wireless Internet access! So bring your laptop if you need to send and receive emails and stay in touch.

  • A few hunters recently tried to import ammunition without the proper permits and discovered the ugly consequences. This is a serious criminal offense in Mexico, so don’t dream of trying it. We’ll provide you with the shotguns and shells you need at the ranch.

  • A simple and hassle-free importation of your gun and ammo. For those that prefer to hunt with their own shotgun or rifle and ammunition, you can give us some information via email and we will send you the forms for import of your gun and ammunition, which you will need at the airport when you enter Mexico. We will take care of everything else at no extra cost, and we will greet you at the airport when you arrive.

    Between hunts, our guests can:
    **Shoot skeet
    Practice golf in our driving range or putting green
    Go horseback riding
    Play billiards, ping-pong and badminton
    Watch satellite TV
    Or simply rest.
    ** A $50 US dollar charge is made per person to groups of less than 4

    Flight and Travel Info
    Flights must be made into Durango, Mexico. You will be greeted by the staff and transported across the Border To Camp. Flight schedules and more info - click here

    You will need a Passport. Passport info can be obtained by clicking this link. Passport details - here

    Direct air transportation to the ranch. For those that prefer not to drive inside Mexico, we offer that you fly into Monterrey's international airport where you can then board a private plane that will fly you directly to our private mile-long paved runway at Rancho El Durangueño. This service has a cost that varies depending on the plane used and the amount of passengers on the flight.

    Notice Info
    Skinning of turkeys. Partial cleaning and preparation for taking back frozen is done for free.

    Hunting Locations
    Hunting Locations
    Hunting Locations
    Hunting Locations
    Hunting Locations

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