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New Zealand

The sky is the limit with the opportunities that exist in New Zealand. Whether you want world class trout fishing or gold medal stag hunting, it is all there in the land of the Kiwis. Extras abound with classic waterfowl hunting and strutting Merriam's Turkeys. Add in the friendly, English speaking people and all the delightful sights that await you and it is easy to see why this is the safest, most tourist friendly country in the world! There is no better place to take your better half on a dream trip as boredom does not exist here.

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Season Info
Take your pick as big game and turkeys are hunted year round with no license required. Waterfowl are legal in May through July, with an early Canada goose season in mid February to March, and the best trout fishing for trophy double-digit browns is October through April. It is easily possible to shoot turkeys in the morning then fish gin-clear streams in the afternoons.

Species Info
Waterfowl present are Canada Geese and Mallards that were introduced years ago and have flourished quite nicely plus native species such as Paradise Shelducks, Pacific Black Ducks, Australian Shovelers and Puekekos. Wild Peacocks, Pheasant and Quail are available as well.

Merriam's Turkeys are present and prolific in numbers hard to describe as they have no predators and have been on the islands since the 1800's.

Big Game:
Big game consists of many species, with the Red Stag being the most sought after, along with Fallow Deer, Chamois, Himalayan Tahr, Sika Deer, Sambar Deer, Axis Deer, Wild Boar and Goats all in huntable numbers and free ranging. High fence hunts for Stag, Elk and others are available.

Hunting Info
It will be at your leisure for you to decide what you wish to hunt. A change of plans the night before a hunt is never a problem. If you were planned to hunt Paradise Ducks one morning and you choose to go for Turkey instead it is easily arranged. Hunting areas are managed well and are not over hunted.

Most waterfowl hunting is done with one to two shooters in a blind over decoys in marshes, fields or ponds and that depends on what you are hunting. It is legal to bait waterfowl in New Zealand also, but this often isn't necessary as the birds are not stressed like in many areas of the states. The birds respond readily to a call and decoy quite well.

Big game is hunted by the traditional spot and stalk methods and four-wheelers are often employed to get high above the game and make it easier to hunt down-hill. You will hunt in areas consisting of mountains and ridges from rugged to rolling.

Turkey hunting in the fall is done by scattering flocks that can number into the hundreds and calling them back with whistles and kee-kees or by stalking the flocks for those more adventurous. Fall turkey hunting can coincide with waterfowl hunting. Spring gobblers (Sept. and Oct.) are hunted much like they are in the U.S., with locating and calling. The only problem being that you might have dozens of gobblers answering you. Our outfitters allow 3 toms per day to insure quality hunting. This can often be done out of one set-up as it is something you have to see to believe.

Rate Info
This will depend on what you want and how many areas you want to hunt along with what species you want to target.

5 day hunt package (Single Hunter) is $2750 (With group of 4 hunters)
This includes (10 hunts AM - PM)
3 hunters or less add $50 per day, per hunter

5 day hunt package per couple is $3500 (With group of 4 hunters)
This includes (10 hunts AM - PM)
3 hunters or less add $50 per day, per hunter

2 week packages are recommended if you wish to hunt both North and South Islands. 8 hunting days can be arranged (4 days on the North & 4 days on the South). This will give you sightseeing days in between hunts and traveling for couples.

Trophy fees range from $2500 for Red Stag to $1000 for Fallow Deer. Prices are subject to change and we can handle a maximum of 4 hunters in camp.

4 hunters are maximum capacity at any time
1x1 will be more per day than 3 or 4x1 for example.

There will be guns available at no charge. Most are Remington 11-87's and Benellis and a slight charge for ammunition will be applied at the end of the hunt for waterfowl only.

**The only license required to hunt anything is waterfowl and was $90 U.S. last season.

Lodging Info
The South Island Lodge is spectacular with it overlooking pristine rivers and streams. World class cuisine awaits you, prepared by European trained chefs. All rooms are private with baths.

The North Island Lodge is on a working sheep ranch with the South Pacific Ocean at you front door and rugged ridges behind. Large private rooms and family atmosphere prevail here with spacious rooms and great food.

Non-Hunters Info
It is always a toss-up to who has the best time, the wives or the hunters. With so much to do and with such a variety one can be as busy or relaxed as they want, your choice. Wine tours, mineral spas, shopping, historical trips, whale watching, river-boat rides and sight-seeing trips too numerous to mention await the non-hunter. All lodges provide a chaperone, usually the owner's wife, to suit the pleasure and wishes of your companions while you are hunting.

Flight and Travel Info
All flights originate from the west coast, usually L.A., and end in Aukland, N.Z. where internal transfers are easily arranged for flight to each island and area. We suggest you spend at least one day getting adjusted to the time lapse before starting your trip. A valid passport is needed when traveling abroad.

Notice Info
With New Zealand being such a safe and friendly tourist destination, the government there has gone one step further to assure your peace of mind. If, for any reason, you require medical attention due to an illness or accident, the government picks up the tab. This includes Medivac, surgery and hospital care. It is easy to see why this is such great place to visit.

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Hunting Locations
Hunting Locations
Hunting Locations
Hunting Locations

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