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Mexico Ocellated Turkeys

In search of the world slam brings you to the Yucatan Peninsula to collect this sporty bird known as "Pavo Ocellata", otherwise known as the Ocellated Turkey. Trips begin by flying into Camapche, Mexico where you will be picked up and escorted to the hunting area. Hunting camp is approximately three hours northeast of Campache. Transit will be by Jeep, Suburban or Truck. All transport fees to and from the airport are included. Most flights arrive in the evening and transport to camp will be that night. We are having extremely good success calling these birds in. We took 30 plus turkeys with my groups last April (2010) and 90% were taken on the ground successfully calling them in.

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The Season
There will be 5 weeks of hunting from the first week of April through the first week of May.

Ocellated Turkey:
This is yet another of the 6 species of turkeys highly sought after for the World Slam. Oddly enough it lives in the jungles of the Yucatan in Mexico. It ranges South of Cancun, into Guatemala. These turkeys are colored much like a Peacock with Bright Greens, blues, and yellow iridescent colors with a pastel blue Head. The Male Turkey Weighs from 9 - 14 lbs (10-12 lb average), It has no beard but makes up for that with EXTREMELY large spurs. Common spur length is 1.5" - 2". The males "sing" instead of Gobbling. They Sing from late March through mid May. The Adult Males are recognizably larger than the females and have a Large Crown on the top of their head. Females are less vocal and are colored vibrantly like the males making them difficult to ID in thick cover.

The Hunt
Hunting will begin the following morning. Each person will have one guide. You will hunt early in the mornings and late afternoons. The birds are located by their mating song similar to our gobbler. The new calling techniques are incredibly effective. They are very territorial and dominant, therefore they are extremely aggressive and come in to the call well. It also ensures you that your trophy is not destroyed from limb shooting.

$3250: This includes 5 day hunt, license, gun rental, Airport transfers, all meals, skinning of your trophies and experienced guides.

There are other species of birds to collect while hunting Ocellated Turkeys. All species require pre-purchased Kill Tags from the Mexican Government upon booking your hunt. The Tags must be applied for. However, their is absolutely no guarantee that you will collect the other birds. They are in the area and if the opportunity comes around and you do not have a Tag, you will not be authorized to take one. The birds are normally encountered while going and coming into camp and while hunting Ocellated Turkeys. The Brocket Deer are called in by mouth and shot. They are very small deer with 3-4 inch horns.

Each tag per species is $150.

You do not have to pay a trophy fee for the animal or bird unless you take one. Tag fees are Non-Refundable. A Tag ($150) must be Pre-purchased for additional Ocellated Turkeys as well if you plan to take more than one. ***Tag fees are set by the Mexican Government and are subject to change.

Trophy fees: due in camp
Greater Currasow Male: $650
Greater Currasow Female: $650
Crested Guan: $350
Brocket deer: $1100
Additional Ocellated Turkey: $650
*tags not included in trophy fee*

RATES DO NOT INCLUDE Cites Certificate of Origin Export Document $75 per person WARNING No birds are allowed in to the US without this document
  • Additional Ocellated Turkey: $650
  • Tag for extra turkey $150
  • Observer in Camp: $750
  • Red And Grey Brocket Deer available, as well as other birds upon request.
  • Early Departure: $200 this is in case you harvest your turkey and you want to return home before the hunt is over.

    Please Note: All deposits are non-refundable. Substitute hunters are the responsibility of the hunter paying for the trip. If we fill the spot for the hunter, a transfer fee of $200 will be deducted from the cancelled hunters refund. 50% deposit is required and is non refundable!

    Camp Accommodations: Sleeping quarters consist of three cots per tent. The tents are mosquito and bug proof. Electricity is provided from gas operated generators. One shower per camp. All water is bottled and Ice is from purified systems to ensure your health.

    Flight and Travel Info
    Flights must be made into Merida, Mexico. All flights to Merida from Houston are generally direct. On your return, it is imperative to clear Customs in Houston as they are very accommodating with our hunters.

    Notice Info
    After a successful hunt, Tours to see Ancient Mayan Ruins can be arranged . There are Ruins within an hour from camp. There are two satellite phones in camp available for emergency use. Importation of your trophies can be handled through National Champion Bird Taxidermist Shane Smith and his company Artistic Compositions: USDA Approved Importer.

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